Miscellaneous Stained Glass

View some of the unique pieces created by Rhonda’s Stained Glass. In the past, Rhonda has created decorative panels, religious pieces and art glass creations that also provide privacy. If you are interested in having a custom piece made, feel free to call or send an email. Rhonda is very flexible with her design process, and she can even provide installation services.


A Pleasure to Work with You

Your stained glass continues to delight us every day. It’s fun to see the light play on it from different angles and at different times of the day. It was a pleasure to work with you, Rhonda. You were so professional and yet so approachable from the very start, giving us guidance but not forcing our decisions. And we are thrilled that you could make Dylan’s last-minute changes without a huge increase in cost. Those changes were key to the beauty of the piece. We love it! If you ever need a reference or testimonial about your work, please call on us!

Linda R.

Thank You so Much!

We love it! It’s so beautiful.

Robyn F.

Well Done

Hi Rhonda,

The stained glass unveiling went very, very well. There were actual gasps as the cover came down! Well done indeed!

Thanks again for your outstanding work on the window! It is absolutely beautiful!

Val F.

Alberta Legislature Library

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