Landscape Gallery

Click on some of these custom landscape pieces for a closer look at some of our gorgeous glass. These pieces were all designed from customers’ photos or ideas. Some of these landscapes are transoms, some are art pieces and some of them are window panels.

As you can see from these examples, Rhonda uses an extensive variety of art glass.


We Love It

"Attached are a couple of pictures showing the window installed. You’ll see that we put a Douglas fir trim with plinth blocks around it. We love it. It is beautiful and a real conversation piece."


Rhonda C.

Thank You so Much

Hi Rhonda,

"Yes, I love it! Thank you so much!

2 different days, 2 different kinds of light. I like the later ones best. It has the perfect home in my front window.

As I told you, it connects me with my sister Rosemary, my friend Sheila, and with Mary, the pioneer woman who first surveyed Maligne Lake, and now with you, the creator of this beautiful piece. Thank you!"

All the best,

Cecelia K.

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