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To get a clearer picture of the work performed by Rhonda’s Stained Glass, please take a look at some of our beautiful, custom-built stained glass. For a more in-depth view, please browse our individual gallery pages which are organized into more specific design categories.

History and Bio Information

Rhonda was born in Calgary (a few decades ago). In 1978, she and an aunt took a weekend course in stained glass at the Leighton Centre in Priddis, and they were both immediately hooked. She spent the next several years doing stained glass projects from existing patterns as a hobby, learning the tricks and pitfalls of copper foil along the way.

In 1995, Rhonda’s Stained Glass Workshop became a full time small business venture. Over the years since, Rhonda has trained in Canada and the USA in many more methods of working with cold, flat glass as well as continually learning about colour and design and honing her technical skills. Participating in two trade shows a year and supporting local trade magazines through advertising resulted in a rapidly increasing demand for Rhonda’s work. In 2006, she was commissioned by the Alberta Legislature Library to design and fabricate a piece to commemorate their upcoming 100th anniversary. Customer recommendations, repeat business and a beautiful website have resulted in Rhonda withdrawing from trade shows in order to more fully focus on requests from a growing client base.

While she has made many stained glass pieces (including sun catchers, hanging panels, lamps, skylights, residential and commercial windows, entranceways, transoms, religious windows and other objects), most of her artistic effort centres on creating window and door inserts for private homes. She gets particularly excited about creating mountain and landscape designs from photos – and using the colours and properties of glass to effectively represent flowers.

Artist’s Statement

Working with glass is a lot like painting, except the richness and beauty in the light, texture, and colour of the glass make it an exceptionally satisfying and vibrant medium to work with. While I’m designing a piece, I have a lot of glass spread out around me – using my light tables like a palette. Sometimes, the qualities of a particular piece of glass will dictate the shapes I’ll use in my pattern drawing. I really relate to this statement (author unknown): “In the realm of cold, flat glass working, there eventually develops a complicity and dialogue between the glass and the glass worker.”

Each commission I create is an original design that takes into account the client’s ideas, the specifications of their intended site and the technical limitations of materials. I really enjoy bringing the resulting design “to light”. I’m also intrigued by the challenge of being able to visually express ideas, especially to re-interpret nature through glass creations. It gives me a real sense of awe and achievement.

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